Billr works well for splitting restaurant bills between up to 16 people – especially if everyone’s paying different amounts. It supports splitting shared items, such as entrees and wine, and you can send your friends a copy of the bill via text message or email. You’re out of luck if someone has an issue after the bill’s been paid, however, as the app doesn’t save anything.

BillPiniPhone, AndroidFree

BillPin aims to make money owed between friends as argument-free as possible. It lets you split shared bills by equal or custom amounts, as well as enter any IOUs. Integration with your smartphone’s address book and Facebook means you can send notifications to friends for money owed and “tag” them in bills.

SplitwiseiPhone, AndroidFree

Splitwise is a little more thorough than the other bill-splitting apps. As well as letting you share household bills and track IOUs, it keeps track of your expenses and tabulates them into ‘spending trends’, and it lets you send email reminders for money owed. It also supports attaching notes and images for each amount – the latter is handy for snapping pictures of receipts and bills.

SpotMe PaymentsiPhoneFree

There are a couple of cool features in SpotMe Payments that you won’t find in the other bill-splitting apps. The ability to create custom groups makes it easier to split expenses between more than one person, such as roommates and travel groups, while the integrated free group messaging adds a real-time communication component into the mix.

Bank of MeiPhone$0.99

Debts between friends don’t always have a monetary value. Bank of Me lets you track other IOUs as well, such as cases of beer, a meal and favours. Integration with the iPhone’s address book lets you add new people quickly and send receipts and reminders via email. If they happen to use the same app, they can choose to import the transaction into their iPhone.

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