When the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority addressed the Panthers in the days after the darkest-day-in-sport moment, they were given a clean bill of health. But I kept hearing there was one player of interest who was ”no longer with the club”. It’s now clear who that it is – Sandor Earl. The ongoing relationship between sports scientist Stephen Dank and Earl is sure to be a subject of conversation between ASADA, Earl and his lawyer, Tim Unsworth. Dank was always a fan of Earl’s and saw him as a potential AFL player – something that appealed to Earl, who is regarded as a fine all-round athlete. Dank was not the person treating Earl at the Cabramatta clinic. Dank was for a short time at Penrith – he was never responsible for the club’s supplements – where he was helping with their Hypoxi work. It’s being suggested that Earl took things into his own hands when he was frustrated by the lack of facilities and personnel at Penrith.

A couple of years ago Petero Civonicevatook a stand on the poor physio and medical conditions when he was at the club and that in part is being given as a reason for Earl’s decision to seek his own treatment for his shoulder injury.

My understanding is Earl was very well treated by Penrith. He was given a contract for 2012 despite having two dodgy shoulders. He was told by club officials they’d back him as he recovered. They even assigned the winger his own personal physio to help him in his recovery. The club had no knowledge of Earl attending a private clinic in Cabramatta. And Earl issued a statement on Friday in response to my initial report: ”I was shocked at the allegations raised last night and I absolutely deny any wrongdoing.My solicitors have already begun investigating defamation procedures.”

At no point in that statement did Earl come out and use the words ”I did not take peptides”.

It’s my understanding that is where ASADA’s interest lies – he returned to the Panthers on schedule and in great shape. During his battle with injury Earl was provided with plenty of love by Panthers general manager Phil Gould, who not only urged him to get the surgery to fix his shoulders – he also provided him with another year on his deal so he could recover with security.

Gould was shocked when I told him of ASADA’s interest in Earl’s activities during the time he was injured. As is the man who has been supervising Earl’s diet, dietitian Moodi Dennaoui. ”I was totally shocked – Sandor follows everything that I tell him,” Dennaoui said. While Dennaoui has been supervising his diet now, he was not in charge of him during his recovery.

”He has come to me because he is looking for an edge and we have been working on a diet for him. He is so disciplined that he has different dietary programs for training days, rest days and match day.”Match-day meal plan Sandor swears by

9:30am: (sleep in) Glass of water then a cup of green tea. Follow this up with a protein shake with water then 60 grams of oats and barley. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds and a tablespoon of honey. Either with your oats, or afterwards, have a punnet of berries or an apple or some rockmelon. Halfway through your oats, have one multi-vitamin, one krill oil, 1000mg of vitamin C and one calcium citrate. Alternatively, you could blend the above ingredients and have as a smoothie. Two scoops of protein powder, 60g of oats, one tablespoon of chia seeds, one tablespoon of peanut butter. Afterwards, have your fruit.

11am: Two punnets of Chobani yoghurt with 30g of crushed almonds.

12pm: 160g of (cooked) chicken breast or white fish with 100g of brown rice, 150g of sweet potato and 200g of salad or mixed vegetables. Halfway through this meal, have 1000mg of vitamin C and one krill oil.

12:30pm-2pm: Sleep for one to two hours. If you can’t sleep, try to lie down and remain inactive anyway.

2pm: 200g (cooked) of sweet potato with 180g of eye fillet steak. Halfway through your dinner, have one multi-vitamin, one krill oil, 1000mg vitamin C and one calcium citrate.

3:30pm: Three to four gluten-free rice cakes with peanut butter/jam followed by one punnet of yoghurt.

4:30pm: 60g of oats and barley prepared with water, a banana and one tablespoon of honey. Halfway through your dinner, have one multi-vitamin, one krill oil, 1000mg vitamin C and one calcium citrate.

5:30pm: Half an hour before you play, have three to four honey-coated rice cakes.

Watson v Warner

Dave Warner is finding out what it’s like to be on the wrong side of some of the heaviest hitters in the cricket media. That’s the result of his silly Twitter rant. And now Warner is struggling to have his side of the story heard after a wild night out. There has been little mention made of the fact that he lost his cool because he was defending Hashim Amla against some childish  remarks from Joe Root. But what deserves telling is the way Shane Watson played a role in his demise.

The matter had been dealt with by the team – but then Watson went and complained to coach Mickey Arthur. He was dirty because of what happened to him in India – he was stood down for not doing his homework and didn’t think it was right that Warner escape lightly. There is no doubt that what Warner did deserved some kind of punishment – but for a teammate to deliver a complaint to the coach indicates things are not going well at all for the side that Michael Clarke has at his disposal. Warner needs to adjust his behaviour and tone down on his drinking – but that is clearly not the main problem in the team. You have to wonder about Watson’s motivation to speak out against a teammate. Especially a player who he is about to hopefully play alongside in 10 Ashes Tests against the Poms. It doesn’t appear to be the behaviour of a team player. Soward’s not sweet

The treatment of Jamie Soward by the Dragons is beyond belief – they have been trying to force him out of the club and have even tried to swap him for Penrith players Luke Walsh and Isaac John but then when he secured an English deal they jumped in to stop that happening. Why did they change their mind? Simply because the Illawarra section of the board thought the club could get some use out of Soward by playing him for the Illawarra Cutters.

If that is not disrespecting a player who took the club to a premiership then what is? Soward has significant support from his teammates but even that isn’t helping him get through this most difficult time. Steve Price has made a stand and there is no doubt he is marking his territory. It is worth noting that he has been playing the media game in making sure Soward is kept in his place. His good mate from his footballing days Joel Caine, who is now a media figure, came out with the line that Soward’s discipline was an issue. I’ve been told he was late to one meeting.  Wayne Bennett knew players such as Soward required an extra cuddle and latitude. He will get that when he is at Penrith and  a wise old head like Phil Gould will be there to make sure they get the best out of him.Stewart on way back

Brett Stewart is  the forgotten man of the NSW Origin team. He was slotted in to be Blues No.1 before he was hurt – and now Jarryd Hayne and Josh Dugan have taken some big strides. Stewart is expected back after Manly have the bye. Off the field,  his diabetes fundraiser on Saturday night  organised through the club was a great success.ASADA latest

ASADA has turned its attention to former rugby league players as its investigation continues. There have been a number of former stars facing questions – particularly about any relationship they may have had with Darren ‘‘The Gazelle’’ Hibbert. The tactic of going to former players is a smart one – they have not been covered by lawyers like the 31 current players who are also ASADA targets.

Danny Weidler is a Channel 9 reporter

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.