CANBERRA Cavalry general manager Thom Carter said he would continue to promote baseball in the capital despite receiving a threatening letter telling him to ”watch his back”.

The anonymous letter arrived in the mail at Cavalry headquarters in Narrabundah on Friday.

Carter called the Australian Baseball League head office and they advised him to contact the police. Police took the threat seriously, but didn’t think Carter had any cause for concern.

The letter said: ”I see you all the time on TV and hear you on the radio all the time with your American accent talking about your American game baseaball (sic). No one cares about you or your American game. Stop trying to ram it down out throats.

”Go back to America before we make you go back to America. Watch your back.”

Carter, who tweeted a copy of the letter, joked at least it meant he was spreading the word of not just the Cavalry, but the ABL as well.

Canberra won the Claxton Shield for the first time in its history by taking out the ABL title last summer.

”I’m minimally concerned, but these things happen and you can’t let fear control your life,” Carter said. ”We’re going to keep doing the things we do. We’re going to promote the Cavalry, we’re going to be out in front.

”I’m not going to sit inside and worry about this.”

Meanwhile, the Cavalry have started preparing for their championship defence by opening negotiations with two of their pitching stars. They started talks with starter Brian Grening and closer Sean Toler last week.

Both were crucial cogs in the campaign. Grening (four wins, two losses) started the opening game of every series, while Toler (11 saves) closed out the ninth innings night after night.

”Both Sean Toler and Brian Grening reached out to us this week about coming back [next season],” Carter said. ”We’re very excited, they were on our shortlist of players to come back.

”Clearly those were two very important parts of our pitching staff last year and we’ll do everything we can to get them signed and back in the fold.”

The league starts on October 31.

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.