When I started the 12 Week Body Transformation I made acommitment; a commitment to myself that I would do what it takes to reach mygoal.

In sickness and in health … andin sickness has really been tested this past week!

To start my week I was a daybehind in my planning. I went shopping on Monday after work and went home andcooked up a few meals.

Tuesday morning I was hit witha sore throat. I got on the bike to exercise that afternoon and found myselfstruggling to breath properly after about 10km. Needless to say I got off anddecided to rest. I was sure it would go away overnight.

Wednesday it was a runny nose,a slight cough and there was no way I was exercising on Wednesday night. I feltyuck.

Thursday I was worse. I spentthe majority of the day on the couch under a blanket feeling sorry for myself.I will admit it to everyone; I am pretty much a massive wimp when I am sick. Iwill be the first to say this is who I am and I doubt this will change anytimesoon (and I am pretty sure my poor partner who listens to me complain will be avery close second!).

Exercising and eating rightwhen you are sick (even with the common cold!) is hard!!

I don’t feel like yummy,healthy, ‘good for me’ foods. I feel like ice creams and soups and hotchocolates.

So my willpower muscle hasreally been working it’s hardest the past few days.

Yes I caved to a bowl of icecream – but I made it a little bowl … and I caved to a hot chocolate as well –but I made it a low fat jarrah one with skim milk. But that was it.

I didn’t have any chocolate, Ididn’t have take-a-way foods when I didn’t feel like cooking and I made sure Imade choices that I felt comfortable with and didn’t feel guilty aboutafterwards.

The scales may not budge nextweek – but I am ok with that. I am letting my body get over this cold and Iwill get right back onto the bike as soon as I can.

I think it is important whenyou are unwell to make sure you do rest your body – but not to the extent thatyou give up on your commitment to lose weight.

You should listen to your bodyand when it is starting to feel better make sure you just do a little bit,build up until you are 100 per cent better and giving your workouts your allonce again.

And … my tip: Go home and cooka big batch of chicken soup. It makes you feel so much better, it’s low incalories and it means you won’t be reaching for the comfort food!

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